Storm Proof Windows

Lovetimber storm proof windows combine a love of timber with the high quality performance of modern storm proofing to blend tradition with efficiency. Our storm proof windows are made by highly skilled craftsmen in our very own workshop to your own specifications.

A storm proof window is designed to keep weather out and the warmth in. Made with an effective design feature of a lip which overlaps the window frame and provides a weather proof seal, the window is designed to channel water away from the window itself. Combined with modern single or double glazing, the storm proof design is efficiency itself.

Lovetimber can produce your storm proof windows in single or double glazed units. The single traditional glazed windows being required for some conservation areas. Produced from the highest quality materials available and latest advances in glass technology our timber windows are not only storm proof but energy efficient. Storm proof windows are a versatile way of combining security and style.

Lovetimber storm proof windows are designed with opening casements proud of the main frame with additional weatherproof neoprene sealing gaskets which provide a high weather rating. Our range of Georgian and Cottage Style storm proof windows offer a classic traditional window that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions. Our storm proof windows do not compromise on style against efficiency and with today's rising fuel prices, installing storm proof windows in your home can prove a long term cost effective saving.

Made from pressure treated impregnated softwood, hardwood or Oak in natural, stained or primed finishes to suit your decor choice, Lovetimber will work with you to provide a bespoke service to ensure that every room in your house can be protected against the elements, from the smallest to the largest.

Lovetimber believe that when it comes to being practical, good looks shouldn't be sacrificed and our storm proof windows not only keep you snug and secure but will enhance your home with the beauty of wood and the efficiency of technology.